Tactics and Strategies for Capturing Some Screamin' Deals at Auctions by Patrick Krook originally published in Muscle Car Milestones, 2007 Collector's Edition

The possibility of getting a great collectible muscle car is the allure that draws thousands to the auction tent every year. When attending an auction for the first time, though, it can be difficult to see all the variables that can affect the outcome of the event-and your potential purchase. You walk into the bidding arena, VIP pass around your neck, the stage is set, the red carpets are laid down and the lights are dazzling. The energy of the circus tent and buzz from the bleachers brings up the goose bumps. The chrome is gleaming, her body waxed to a mirror finish, perhaps looking the best she ever has behind the velvet rope. These and other aspects, though, can determine whether you end up with an incredible car for a paltry price, or a tremendous case of heartburn at the end of the day. That's why it's critical to draw up a battle strategy beforehand.  Read The Art of War Auction Style by Patrick Krook originally published in Muscle Car Milestones, 2007 Collector's Edition

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