1970 Plymouth Superbird
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1970 Plymouth Superbird 440, 4-speed, Restorations by Julius

Restorations by Julius has built a reputation for excellence in Mopar restorations for more than 30 years. Some of the most desirable collectible Plymouths, including the 1971 Hemi Cuda Convertible which sold for $3.5 million, were restored by his hand. Buying this 1970 Plymouth Superbird is an opportunity, not only own a car restored by Julius Steuer, but one that has been his personal car for the past two years.

This 'Bird began as a factory “U” code 440 4-speed, B5 Blue, White interior, documented by a factory broadcast sheet and original fender tag. The body numbers, including the dash VIN plate, door label, and radiator support stamp are all present and accounted for. The 440 HP engine and A833 4-speed manual transmission are not original to the car, but the engine block is date code correct.

The paint and body are exactly what you expect from Julius, excellent. Body panels fit uniformly; gaps are even. The paint is smooth and the sheen, deep. An examination of the door jambs reveals the factory plug welds to be intact. All the brightwork is in excellent condition. The vinyl top, like new, and greenhouse is all new date coded ECS glass. The overall condition of the exterior of this 'bird is a clean, “better than new” fit and finish.

The interior likewise appears as new. The odometer reads a scant 9,131 miles, obviously not reflective of the actual mileage. All lights accessories and gauges are in fine working order. There are no discernable tears, blemishes, or significant wear. The factory white interior is pure stock appearing. OE Bucket seats can be substituted for a front bench seat if you wish to return it to as factory produced.
The trunk is also restored to a factory standard. All the spare kit is accounted for, included both spares and factory correct full sized spare. You will also notice the correct finish in the inside surface of the quarter panel. Spare jack instruction labels complete the look. Perfect.

Julius took the opportunity to build this beautiful bird to his personal specifications. The 440 was upfitted with a 6 Barrel carburetor and intake setup. He kept the engine factory stock appearing while optimizing the engine build for an enjoyable and reliable drive. Would you prefer to have the engine bay appear as factory produced? A simple swap back to a 4bbl carb and intake set up, and you are done. The condition of the engine back can be best characterized as neat and clean. You can lift the hood proudly at a cruise-in or Cars and Coffee.

The suspension and undercarriage are likewise restored as factory. All the main suspension, brake, and fuel system components are the proper OEM finish. The wheel wells are also factory finished with the proper sound insulation protectant. Even though this car has been driven regularly for the past two years, it has been impeccably kept and the condition of the undercarriage reflects it. There is no flash rust or raw metal oxidation. The exhaust is tight with no soot stains indicative of seem leaks. It is also dry, no fluid leaks, weeps, or stains. The wheels and tires are the only deviation from factory here. The Mickey Thompson GT Street R's are custom lettered in “Good Year” winged foot logos for a NASCAR look. These modern high-performance radials make the most of the stock Mopar suspension, giving the car more grip and sure footed handling than OE Polyglas ever could. Want to return it to an stock look? A simple substitution for Rallye's and Poly's will make it look the same as the day it rolled off the showroom.

Superbirds are a rare breed indeed, and much sought after by many a collector. One in such a striking color combination, makes this one more desirable still. The most important factor in making sure your investment is protected is verification of authenticity. The original broadcast sheet and fender tag on this car do just that. Add to that the reputation of the restorer, Restorations by Julius, you have an unbreakable pedigree. The bonus here is for people who like to drive what they collection. It is real, no doubt. It is in excellent condition, for sure. The drivetrain being NOM is a bonus for the driving enthusiast. You do not have to fear diminishing the value of this Superbird by hurting the motor or trans. So, drive worry free and enjoy your Superbird. Isn't that the point of it? Drive it, this 'bird will always be real and rare.

Principal Use

Driven Show Car

Conditional Grade

Excellent Plus
90%-96% of showroom condition. Exceptionally nice. May have slight wear on exterior and interior finishes but visible only under close inspection consistent with years of show detailing, climate controlled storage, enclosed transport, and indoor display. Most cars in this class are not driven more than a few miles per year.

Overall Originality

Personalized Stock

A largely stock appearing car, restored or unrestored that is near factory condition, with three or more exceptions such as exterior or interior color change, or bolt-on parts such as aftermarket tires, radio, ignition, or exhaust.

REV's 5 Keys to Investment Collectability

* Factory Original U Code 440, 4-speed Superbird in B5 Blue w/ White interior

* Fully restored and personally owned by Julius Steuer of Restorations by Julius

* Fully documented by Factory Broadcast Sheet, Original Fender Tag, and all Body Numbers

* Tastefully personalized for driving enjoyment, including 6 barrel intake setup, bucket seats, and modern performance tires.


Engine Type
Engine Size
440 stroker 6 bbl
Fuel Specification


Body Color
B5 Blue
Body Style
Paint Type




Interior Color
Arctic White
Secondary Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type
Center Console
Engine Size
440 stroker 6 bbl
Transmission Type
4psd Manual
Body Style
Principal Use
Driven Show Car
Conditional Grade
Excellent Plus
Overall Originality
Personalized Stock
Current Location
Spring, TX 77389
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1970 Plymouth Superbird
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