1966 Plymouth Belvedere
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1966 Plymouth Belvedere II HEMI Convertible RARE, 1 of 10 ever made!

It is exceedingly rare that all the tumblers align to unlock the vault to find true collector car perfection. This 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II HEMI Convertible is such a treasure.

While the sounds of HEMI's around the high banks sold “box top” B bodies in big numbers, nearly 200,000, only a selective few had the guts to order the 426 for the street. With the cost of the motor alone making up nearly 30% of the sticker price, only 531 people picked Hemi powered hardtops. A mere 10 ponied up to look cool in a HEMI Belvedere II convertible. Of the ten, only 4 examples are known to have survived. This is the only example in Citron Gold, special ordered by a Chrysler Company Executive. Well-equipped it is.

The (ZZ) code Citron Gold is complimented by the high trim grade two-tone Gold interior with green inserts. Plymouth rocket emblem roundels flank each quarter, the gas cap integrated into one side. The Belvedere II series was a more luxury-oriented approach to styling compared to the sporty (read plain) Satellite trim. From the front bench “honey slide” seat, to the chrome column shifter, wooden steering wheel, as well as padded dash and door inserts the mission of the B-2 trim level was powerful, rich, and relaxing. Fitting appointments for the king of convertibles in '66.
It's impeccable pedigree not only includes factory documents like the original Certicard, the IBM Punch Card, but also previous titles, former registrations, and approximately 300 photos documenting the restoration. Both the Fender Tag and IBM Card have been decoded by Galen Govier and verified as being the only one of its kinds produced with these options.

You want the top down to better hear the rumble of the 426 HEMI engine through dual exhaust. The HEMI package also included 11” Heavy Duty drum brakes, 727 Torqueflite Transmission, Transmission Cooler, and the 8 ¾ Rear loaded with open road friendly 3.23 gears. The whole setup is kept cool courtesy of the Maximum Cooling Package and 26” radiator. The HEMI Suspension Package keeps the whole car planted with heavy duty front anti-sway bar, HEMI torsion bars & leaf springs, and firm ride shock absorbers. The entire high-performance package is clothed in a finely pressed suit and trimmed out in special Deluxe Wheel Covers, shod in 7.75x14 Goodyear “Blue Streak” Tires. This is the fine style the Chrysler Executive designed into his ride from August to November 1966. High Summer and early Fall driving with the top down. When the snow threatened, he retired the lease.

The car found its first registered owner, Robert in Jacksonville, Florida during the month of November 1966, as it so reads on the original Certicard. Robert enjoyed the Belvedere, taking good care of it while logging most of its 32,000 original miles until 1989. That was the year when this car took its place in the most famous Muscle Car collection of all time, Otis Chandler's Vintage Museum of Transportation and Wildlife. Mr. Chandler was famous for a lot of things. Establishing that the Vintage collection amongst the most noteworthy. Cars that were part of his collection, like this Hemi convertible, still hold a significance and value for having been a part of it. The reason is a simple one, Otis assembled, with no consideration of cost, the finest, rarest, and most significant examples of their kind. This car helped set that standard as part of his collection, joining the collection in 1989 and remaining there until 1999.

The Belvedere II remained part of this smaller but no less selective collection until 2004. Then, another Chrysler Executive just had to have it and he had plans. He immediately commissioned a no expense spared in an NOS intensive rotisserie restoration. All the original parts that could be restored, replated, and renewed were retained. New Old Stock parts filled in the blanks. Concours quality reproduction parts were used sparingly when no other alternative was available. The car, well cared for its entire life, was now returned to pristine showroom condition still showing around 32,000 miles upon its completion in 2018. It remained in his collection until 2019 until it passed to its current owner.

In addition to its remarkable history is its remarkable originality. The drivetrain, Engine, Transmission and Rear are 100% Numbers Matching and original to the car. The sheet metal, also original. Though the restoration was completed only three years ago and has had only “shake down miles” on it, the current owner still saw an opportunity to take it up to the next level. Ever the perfectionist, he put another 200 hours into the car to bring the car to Concours show quality standards, exceeding the fit and finish the factory could ever achieve. Any judge or inspector would have to break out the white gloves and magnifying glass to find any fault with the condition or quality of the HEMI Belvedere II Convertible.

All of that for a HEMI Convertible, of which there are fewer than a person can count on one hand. Stunning to behold in the sunlight and as near to perfection as human hands can make. Belvedere means “beautiful view” after all. It is no wonder why this one has been pursued and closely held by some of the notable connoisseurs of the Mopar collecting hobby.

Principal Use

Private Museum Piece

Conditional Grade

Better Than New
Every component and surface is finished to exceed the quality achieved by the factory. Mechanical operation and overall fit and finish exceeds that of the original manufacturer's. No discernible wear.

Overall Originality

Restored Concours

Vehicle has usually been professionally restored to the current highest standard, using a combination of refurbished original parts, exact reproduction parts, and new old stock (NOS) parts. Attention to replicating factory fit, finishes, and marking details are paid attention to. Bare metal finishes may be mimicked with paints and coatings to prevent corrosion. Paint and body may exceed the quality produced by the factory.

REV's 5 Keys to Investment Collectability

* One of 10 HEMI Belevdere II's produced in 1966, only four left known to exist.

* Certified One of One as Equipped by Galen Govier

* 100% Numbers Matching and Correct, Factory Documented

* Recent Concours Rotisserie Restoration, completed in 2018

* Formerly part of the Otis Chandler Collection, Vintage Museum of Transportation and Wildlife from 1989-1999


Engine Type
Engine Size
426 HEMI
Fuel Specification
92/93 Octane


Body Color
Citron Gold Metallic
Body Style
Paint Type




Interior Color
Gold and Green
Secondary Interior Color
Gold and Green
Seating Type
Bench 70 30
Seat Material
Shifter Type
Center Console
Figure based on a stock vehicle with OH rates with $100/$300k Liability/UM/UIM limits. Rates vary depending on the state, coverage selected and other factors. Policies underwritten by Essentia Insurance Company. Some coverage and discounts not available in all states. Call 877-922-9701 to speak with a representative or apply online. Get Quote
Engine Size
426 HEMI
Transmission Type
Body Style
Principal Use
Private Museum Piece
Conditional Grade
Better Than New
Overall Originality
Restored Concours

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1966 Plymouth Belvedere II HEMI
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