1959 Chevrolet Corvette
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'59 Pro-Street Corvette, "The Instigator" 8 seconds on pump gas!

"Pat, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the excellent job you did selling my 1959 Pro Street Corvette known as The Instigator. With specialty cars its more than just selling the car. It's about matching up the right person with that car. Everyone has certain desires and needs with a restored or custom car. And as we all know the cars that are finished and for sale have been built with the prior owners dreams and desires. Finding a match can be very difficult. When that match is found its a mutually beneficial thing for both parties. The buyer has found his or her car of their dreams and the seller can comfortably move on knowing the car will be in good hands. To me it did matter a great deal who ended up with the Corvette. Having designed built, raced, showed, and owned this car for over 3 decades a car like that becomes part of you and who you are. It was considered part of the family at our house. So thanks for finding the new owner. After meeting him I feel confident that the Corvette has found a great new home and will well be cared for. The financial part of this deal was simple with no hidden loop holes or surprises. Everything was up front. All of the marketing and client contact was professionally handled. I did not have to do anything during the entire process which kept my clear of the headaches. I was able to focus on what I do every day. That being, building cars for my customers. I received what I wanted for the car and am very happy. Thank you, Brent Jarvis Owner and PresidentPerformance Restorations"  If you think you've seen this car before, well you have. In 2009, she appeared in the Pinks All Out TV Show, running 8:30's in the Quick 8 competition. She'salso been featured in the very first episode of Pass Time, filmed in 2007 at Great Lakes Drag Way. She ran mid 8's with no tuning and 93 octane fuel. Magazine coverage has been amazing, presented as the main feature car several times, including Hot Rod, Popular Hot Rodding, Chevy High Performance, Car Craft, and Super Chevy. From 1995 to 1998 she was shown on the ISCA show circuit, winning just about every ward possible. The Instigator was invited to be featured in the "special Collection" at Bloomington Gold in 1996, a unique and rare honor. She appeared again in 2002 in the ISCA and finally in 2007 where she scored 999 points out of 1000. She is still in this condition today. The Instigator is perhaps one of the most well known and historically significant Pro Street drag cars, ever. She was first built to compete on the NMCA circuit during the birth of the Pro Street. The Instigator raced heads up against many of the original founding fathers until 1998 when rule changes expanded the class beyond its original purpose. During this period the car ran 7:70's at over 180 MPH with a legal wieght of 3100lbs. After leaving NMCA the car hit the match racing circuit, including A-gas class at Good Guys. The car was always in high demand earning well lining up against other Pro Street cars. In match race form, the car ran mild 7's at 183 mph, weighing 2500lbs. In 2004 the car was transformed into a street only car, adding a second seat, larger radiator, large fuel cell, 11:1 pistons and street roller cam. It is still in this form today and runs flawlessly. It has been run a few times in the current configuration, making 8:20 second passes on unleaded fuel, now weighing 2700lbs. The car actually drives very well on the street. She runs out very well on the highway and sit patiently in rush hour traffic. She'll sit loudly though- and THAT is the point.

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1959 Chevrolet Corvette
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