A look at Wayne and Robin's Muscle Car Collection by Patrick Krook originally published in Muscle Car Milestones, 2007 Collector's Edition

I originally titled this article "Searching for Midas and the Unlikely Palace ~Discover a place where everything you touch turns to inspiration"  Sounds too earnest I know, but it really is, and was true.  Read the Original Article

Drive out of Denver, Colorado in any direction and an open road greets you trailing into endless vistas chasing away from the mountains.  Wide and long, freeways like this one drive as if they were named for the feeling it gives you to knock down the miles.  No interruptions, no obnoxious billboards selling fireworks or videos made for “adults”.  No sixty foot rigs or forty foot tall signs touting “hot showers” to distract you from the vanishing point of the horizon.  A few quiet interchanges dotted by low-slug buildings reassure you that food, or fuel, are only an exit away.  Often passed unnoticed or disregarded as an undeveloped backwater, among these roadside buildings is place of hidden treasure...Read the Entire Musclecar Milestones Article

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