Relax. We’ve got this.  There are plenty of “DIY” spots to auction or advertise your car.  No matter which, YOU still must deal with the tire-kickers and all the hassles that come along with “DIY”.  Let’s find the right way for REV! to do it for you. 

"In the collector car arena, it is rare to find a marketplace that values both expertise and integrity. I have found that Rev! Muscle Cars is that place, dedicated to serving the true enthusiast." ~Steven Juliano, The Steven Juliano Collection

REV! isn’t a classic car dealer or “phone broker” - it is a private party marketplace for true automotive enthusiasts.  We handle the hassle.  You enjoy your copious amounts of free time, maybe crack a cold one, and collect the cash when your car sells.


Hassle-Free White Glove Service

Auction Rep

Buy or Sell at Live Events


Find the Right Car First


Avoid Costly Purchase Mistakes

Collection MGMT

Top Grade Your Collection

Value & Appraisal

Know What It Is Worth

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